Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deadly firemen

A few months ago I went into the dentist to get some cavities filled, I had both my mother and her best friend come along because we had my daughter that weekend, while I was having my teeth done they sat in the waiting room, at one point a fire truck passed sirens wailing. Beth pointed it out to my mom "look grandma!" my mom smiled "yea that's a fire truck" my daughter nodded and said "yea their gonna kill me" every one in the waiting room laughed at this, "no hunny they save people" my moms friend tried to explain "no their gonna kill me" for the next 5 minutes she argued with them over weather or not firemen were going to kill her, finally they explained that our friend Nate was a fireman and their for fire men couldn't kill her, she accepted this and quickly fell asleep in my moms lap. to this day when we see a fire truck we still tell each other that they are "gonna kill me"

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  1. Actually, she also insisted that Nate was going to "make her dead." lol