Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday fun...

For my birthday in September we went camping, my birthday is really the last time in the year we get to go camping so that is kind of a big deal for us being regular campers.

The first night out we had bratwurst after dinner my little brother decided he didn't want to stay up for dessert and he went to his tent to sleep, we served the cake to my 3 year old daughter first who was very pleased until she noticed that uncle Bubba was not eating, she turned around on her seat and yelled at him "Bubba come get your cake!" he responded with "I'm sleeping!" she did not believe him "Bubba come get your cake!!" this time louder his response "I don't like cake!" this did not please her she promptly spun around faced my dad and said very loudly "GO SPANK HIS ASS GRANDPA!!" we were all laughing to hard to be upset about her swearing at the time, and by the time we had calmed down it was to late to punish her for it any way, to this day we often tell my dad to "spank his ass grandpa!"

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