Friday, October 15, 2010

Camping with cows...

This summer we went to a place called Yankee meadows where a part of the mountain is used for herding cows at points of the year the cows can at times wander into the camp sites them self's, this was one of those times and my 3 year old daughter was pleased as could be when they came close enough for her to see them.

One day we were sitting around just relaxing while my daughter gave her self a dirt bath when all of a sudden a cow started making a lot of ruckus like it had got caught in something. my little girl stands up looks at the back of the camp, drops her hand fulls of dirt, places them on her face and screams "What the hell?! That cow is freaking out!"

I swear some of the things she comes up with, little ones always seam to say the funniest things!

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