Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deadly firemen

A few months ago I went into the dentist to get some cavities filled, I had both my mother and her best friend come along because we had my daughter that weekend, while I was having my teeth done they sat in the waiting room, at one point a fire truck passed sirens wailing. Beth pointed it out to my mom "look grandma!" my mom smiled "yea that's a fire truck" my daughter nodded and said "yea their gonna kill me" every one in the waiting room laughed at this, "no hunny they save people" my moms friend tried to explain "no their gonna kill me" for the next 5 minutes she argued with them over weather or not firemen were going to kill her, finally they explained that our friend Nate was a fireman and their for fire men couldn't kill her, she accepted this and quickly fell asleep in my moms lap. to this day when we see a fire truck we still tell each other that they are "gonna kill me"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Camping with cows...

This summer we went to a place called Yankee meadows where a part of the mountain is used for herding cows at points of the year the cows can at times wander into the camp sites them self's, this was one of those times and my 3 year old daughter was pleased as could be when they came close enough for her to see them.

One day we were sitting around just relaxing while my daughter gave her self a dirt bath when all of a sudden a cow started making a lot of ruckus like it had got caught in something. my little girl stands up looks at the back of the camp, drops her hand fulls of dirt, places them on her face and screams "What the hell?! That cow is freaking out!"

I swear some of the things she comes up with, little ones always seam to say the funniest things!

Birthday fun...

For my birthday in September we went camping, my birthday is really the last time in the year we get to go camping so that is kind of a big deal for us being regular campers.

The first night out we had bratwurst after dinner my little brother decided he didn't want to stay up for dessert and he went to his tent to sleep, we served the cake to my 3 year old daughter first who was very pleased until she noticed that uncle Bubba was not eating, she turned around on her seat and yelled at him "Bubba come get your cake!" he responded with "I'm sleeping!" she did not believe him "Bubba come get your cake!!" this time louder his response "I don't like cake!" this did not please her she promptly spun around faced my dad and said very loudly "GO SPANK HIS ASS GRANDPA!!" we were all laughing to hard to be upset about her swearing at the time, and by the time we had calmed down it was to late to punish her for it any way, to this day we often tell my dad to "spank his ass grandpa!"

bathroom shenanigans...

The other night my little brother entered the bath room and immediately we hear "What the hell is this? and how the hell do i take it off?!" confused my mother and I spent a moment just staring at each other, then all at once we realized who the last person was to use the bathroom. After we stopped laughing enough to speak we simply explained to my brother that it was a toddler potty seat and it is removed by pulling up on the handle on the back. nothing quite like realizing that their are shenanigans going on in your bathroom...

something different

if you've read my other blog at all, this is different, my other blog is mostly me ranting and getting thins off my chest, a sort of online journal you could say, this blog is going to be more up beat, it will simply be cute, silly, or just plane remember worthy stories that have happened in my life. I hope you enjoy the stories that follow, I know that I do :D

~Scattered Owl~